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Surround Options for Outdoor Display Kiosks

Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Environment

When it comes to outdoor display kiosks, the options for surrounds are as diverse as the environments they inhabit. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement in a bustling urban center or need a subtle, sleek design for a serene park, our range of customizable surrounds ensures your digital message boards stand out effectively. 

Diverse Surround Options for Every Need

1. Urban Surrounds

   - Sturdy Metal Frames: Ideal for high-traffic areas, offering durability and a modern aesthetic.
   - Interactive Touchscreen Panels: Enhance engagement with interactive displays, perfect for city squares and shopping centers.
   - Weatherproof Enclosures: Protect your investment with surrounds that withstand extreme weather conditions.

2. Park and Recreational Surrounds

   - Natural Wood Finishes:** Blend seamlessly into natural environments while providing a rustic charm.
   - Eco-Friendly Materials:** Promote sustainability with surrounds made from recycled materials.
   - Anti-Glare Screens:** Ensure visibility in bright sunlight, ideal for parks and open spaces.

3. Corporate and Business Surrounds

   - Sleek Glass and Metal Combos: Modern and professional, perfect for corporate campuses and business parks.
   - Custom Branding Options: Incorporate your company's logo and colors for a cohesive brand presence.
   - Interactive Wayfinding Solutions: Help visitors navigate large corporate areas with ease.

4. Educational and Institutional Surrounds

   - Durable Plastic Housings: Cost-effective and robust, great for schools and universities.
   - Vandal-Resistant Designs: Ensure longevity and minimal maintenance in high-traffic student areas.
   - Custom Messaging Capabilities: Easily update information for events, schedules, and announcements.

Innovative Construction Techniques

- Modular Designs: Allow for easy upgrades and maintenance, ensuring your kiosk can evolve with your needs.
- Advanced Ventilation Systems: Prevent overheating, ensuring consistent performance in all weather conditions.
- Enhanced Security Features: Protect your displays with tamper-proof enclosures and advanced locking mechanisms.

Effective Messaging in Any Environment

Outdoor digital displays are not just about the message they convey but also about how they present it. The right surround can significantly enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your content. By considering factors such as location, audience, and environmental challenges, we provide solutions that maximize the impact of your digital signage.

Our gallery showcases 30 various images with virtual examples of these surrounds in action. From sleek, minimalist designs to robust, weather-resistant options, our visual displays illustrate the versatility and functionality of our products.

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Explore our extensive range of surround options and discover how we can help your outdoor displays captivate and inform in any setting. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us craft the perfect solution for you. equipment and instruments are alive.Mist enveloped the ship three hours out from port. The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.A red flair silhouetted the jagged edge of a wing.